Neal and Devika Dandona are the founders of Sanya Holdings, a DFW based asset management and real estate company that focuses on value-add opportunities in 50-300 unit multifamily assets.  Devika and Neal began their real estate journeys as passive investors in multiple deals.  Through reputational strength and education, Neal and Devika expanded Sanya Holdings to serve as a platform for colleagues and friends to invest in business opportunities that centered around the multifamily space.

In 2017, Neal and Devika became partners of a national operator that successfully closed on over 2000 doors across Texas and Florida.  The current value of that portfolio is in excess of $400MM.  Neal served as a principle partner who focused on investor relations, asset management, and deal acquisition.  This time period was focused on development of a network of lender, broker, and property management relationships to allow for deal flow and execution.  These relationships have provided the runway for the next stage of Sanya Holding’s development.  

In 2020, Neal and Devika decided to focus their energies on their home market of DFW.  The coastal migration and expansion of local economies has bolstered their belief in the DFW market.  They have since partnered with WB Equity and Viatorem Financial whose strengths lie in value-add projects, dynamic financial modeling, and managerial oversight.  Through ethical investing and diligent collaborations with first class partners, 2021 was a busy year with acquisitions of 500 additional doors. 

Outside of the multifamily world, Devika focuses her attention on numerous charitable and service organizations through the medium of her fashion blog, DeviCollective.  Neal is an anesthesiologist who has worked at the same practice for the 14 years of his medical career.  Together, they have three beautiful children who they are shaping into hungry, determined, and responsible entrepreneurs.